Every child is a whole world.
A whole world of dreams,
Of a life still waiting for him.

Cancer is trying to cut it all off in the middle. And we will not let it do that.

We, at World Champions, do everything we can to allow the sick child and his family beat cancer and go back to a calm and magical life that every child deserves. A child must not leave this world just because there was no one to fight for him. The battle is hard. Cancer is strong and it is fighting with all its might. But the smile on the face of a child we were able to save is worth it all. This smile gives us the strength to continue this difficult and tedious endeavor.

Your contribution is the victory on the way to winning championship

Official certificates and documentation of the organization

Behind every champion
there is a whole team
Doing everything to make him win.

Vladislava Fichkovskaya

Businesslady , volunteer and head of the Charitable Foundation for helping children with cancer.

“The most important goal in my life is to make this world better. I am eager to make charity an integral part of the lives of many people. I want you to know how awesome it is to help and support those who really need it. To inspire them to believe in themselves, to see their shining eyes, to feel their immense gratitude... and I sincerely want everyone to feel it! We don’t leave anything behind after we leave…except memories!”

Anastasia Kruczynska

Director of Volunteer Operations

"The feelings we get from helping others are simply amazing. When I came across working with the organization Hesed, I realized something, what it means to live not only for yourself, but also for those who really need us. There are millions of people in the world who need support and help. Sometimes one small act can save a life. Can you imagine that? Together, we can save millions of lives. And I really want as many people as possible to know this world of doing kindness. Let's do good together!"

Dariana Kolidenko


"I have been working with children for many years. Today I know for sure how little they need for a smile, to lift the mood and give a feeling of absolute happiness. And that's what they teach us, the adults. When I saw with my own eyes how the children in the shelter live, I could not stop crying for a long time. And immediately I decided to be the change, to help people and especially children. Because everyone can help. And I really want as many people as possible to understand that. And I want people to help all those who need it."


Doula and birth attendant

I participate in the births of children's lives and together with mother I go through a wonderful and magical process of pregnancy. I am also a volunteer of the World Champions Charity Fund. And I help save children's lives. My life is full of love and care for this world

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