A boy fighting cancer
Is a world champion
We're here just to remind him
And give him strength

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Treatment financing

Family support

Medical flights

The sick children are world champions.

The illness and everything that surrounds it force the children to face struggles, battles and difficulties that even adults can’t deal with.

They are warriors, heroes, they are champions!

But their reality is harsh, painful, frightening, dark, and the end is unknown.

Many children end up leaving this world just because there was no one to fight this critical battle for them.

Sometimes we forget that they are only children.

They cannot be left alone in this difficult battle.

They need help.

They need encouragement.

 They need to be reminded of the childhood that they left behind,

 They need funding for expensive treatments without which they have no tools to fight this powerful and terrible cancer that is fighting them with all its might.

We at World Champions organization provide them with this entire envelope.

Our dream is to take part in their battle. Fight with them and for them. Give the child the ability to forget a little about this difficult situation.

Distract them and provide them and their families with the best tools to fight and most importantly – beat!!! cancer.

We will do everything to bring the child back the childhood that was taken from him, to bring him back to life.

Champions need help too.

Saving Arina
My Arina is screaming in pain, I can't even hug her because my hug hurts her. The cancer has already spread throughout the nervous system and every movement hurts her, hurts terribly.
Donate to save Arina
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