How the “World Champions” charity fund honored the mothers of our wards on March 8 

Today we want to share with you some amazing feelings For the World Champions Charity Fund team it was very important not to leave our beautiful mothers, who fight every day with their children for their lives, unattended. These strong women are far from home, and we managed to show them that they deserve attention and love

After all, every woman deserves to be happy not only on March 8 but every day! We really wanted to see their smiles and happy eyes, and we succeeded

You don’t need huge amounts of money to please someone, sometimes it’s enough to show an act of caring and genuinely want to smile at someone It was important for us to show mothers that they are not alone, that they have us – BF “world champions” who loves them sincerely.

Our team gave the beautiful mothers flowers, cosmetics and vouchers for various procedures for the body and mind Our magical people – our volunteers – helped us implement the idea The World Champions Charity Fund sincerely thanks every volunteer who helped give a smile to our beautiful mothers

It was an unforgettable day for us, full of magical emotions.


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