How we celebrated our champions on Saint Nicholas Day 

St. Nicholas Day is a wonderful and magical holiday that children are especially looking forward to 💙 That’s why our team could not ignore our children and prepared gifts for them 🎁

Just look into the happy eyes of our wards 🥰 This is exactly what we stand for together with you, our magicians! For the smiles, laughter, positive emotions, and shining happy eyes 😍

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Champions’ Blessings. We would like to extend a special thanks to the magicians who prepared the healthiest marshmallows for the children @frutaminchik and to the volunteer who prepared the incredibly beautiful chocolate @choco_eat_ for them, as well as to @krem_cake.israel for the most delicious ginger 💙

Together with you, we do amazing things 🫶🏻 We do really well! More to come💙


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Every month we help children by providing food

Many oncologists claim that the most effective cancer prevention is a healthy diet. Frequent consumption of anti-cancer foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, calcium and fiber-rich foods, are an essential step on the road to recovery 🙏🏻

עקבו אחרינו


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