how the World Champions Charity Fund team greeted our wards on the occasion of the New Year

Dear friends, today we want to tell and show you how the World Champions Charity Fund team greeted our wards on the occasion of the New Year

The children’s joy shows in their eyes and for us this is the best reward for our efforts We really wanted to please our wards and give them warm feelings in the new year. And we did it! Just look how happy they are

In our New Year’s boxes, we put a piece of our soul and gifts such as:

  • Signature toys in the form of a magic gnome,
  • warm training sessions,
  • Handmade wooden photo frames with photos of the children,
  • Handmade natural soap with essential oils. And judging by the reaction of our children, they felt all the warmth and love we wanted to send them in these New Year’s boxes

Also, in addition to gifts, our children received under the Christmas tree motivational videos – congratulations from their idols The wards of the World Champions Fund were greeted by celebrities such as: Olga Poliakova, Andrey Bedniakov, Alexander Padan, and Vladimir Ostachuk. Our team sincerely thanks these incredibly kind people for their openness and support

We would also like to extend a special thanks to @kostik_perel for helping deliver gifts to our wards We are surrounded by amazing people

Watch the video and immerse yourself in the atmosphere we created for our children


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