How we celebrated our champions on Saint Nicholas Day 

St. Nicholas Day is a wonderful and magical holiday that children are especially looking forward to 💙 That’s why our team could not ignore our children and prepared gifts for them 🎁 Just look into the happy eyes of our wards 🥰 This is exactly what we stand for together with you, our magicians! For […]

Every month we help children by providing food

Many oncologists claim that the most effective cancer prevention is a healthy diet. Frequent consumption of anti-cancer foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, calcium and fiber-rich foods, are an essential step on the road to recovery 🙏🏻

Children’s Protection Day

Although this is a lesser known holiday in Israel, in Russia and Ukraine it is a particularly exciting holiday. The purpose of the holiday is to give every child a feeling that they are protected, safe and loved. We decided to bring the celebrations here, to Israel, so that the children who need to feel this support – those who are far from home and dealing with a serious illness – will feel it. On a special trip to the beach we celebrated with the excited children.

A drawing class

The Day of Good Deeds was a day when the children chose to show favors to the friends they met at “world champions”. Each child made a special heartfelt drawing and gave it to his best friend to send him love and to give him strength to deal with all the difficult events they endure.

Chocolate art workshop

Chocolate can make a sweet difference in the mouth and heart, but sick children deserve healthy chocolate. A dear volunteer, who for a long time made sure to send us healthy and adapted chocolate – natural and without sugar – came to teach the children how to make the chocolates themselves. The children made candy and chose to give it to a loved one.

Shell art Classes

Every month we conduct a joyful activity that helps to forget the pain and difficulty a little. We invite volunteers with specific expertise and they come and introduce their art to the children. This is how the shell art workshop was born – when a volunteer who knows the children taught them how to make using shells their own gifts for their parents and loved ones who stayed far away overseas.

A monthly support of Charity food baskets

During their stay, we take care of food provision for the children and their families. Once a month each family receives a food basket filled with food products and a caring heart. We make sure that the food is not only nutritious but also healthy. Under the dietician’s recommendation, we make sure that the food contains antioxidants, and besides the fish, vegetables and fruits, we add one more item every month that may change the picture. This month, for example, we also added curcumin, an expensive spice with healing properties.